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Village Government

The Village is organized under the Council/Manager form of government, with all powers divided into two general divisions - the legislative/policy forming and the administrative. The legislative/policy forming duties are carried out by the Village Council, while the Village Manager is responsible for administrative duties. The Village Council appoints the Manager, Clerk, and Treasurer. All other administrative officers of the Village are selected by the Village Manager.

Village President: Jerry Aubry
Village President Pro-Tem: James Kovach

Village Council Members:
Kevin Ziegler
Jennifer Frankford
Andy Grohowski
Harley "Butch" Maxwell
Steven Burke

Village Staff
Christian Wuerth, Village Manager
Debby Frazer, Assistant Manager/Village Clerk
Penny Ray, Village Treasurer/Finance Director
Scott Tarasiewicz, Police Chief
Mike Karll, Director of Public Services
Randy Sapelak, Building Official