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The Village of Milford provides an email and digital subscription management feature for residents in collaboration with Oakland County. The email and digital subscription service allows residents to subscribe to topics of interest and receive instant and automated email or text messages when information is updated.

Residents can stay better informed, receive information immediately, and save time previously used to search for relevant updates on the website. The Village feels this will improve responsiveness to the public, interact more effectively through proactive communication, and reduce costs.

Email and wireless alerts link subscribers back to the updated website for more detail. Signing up is free and easy. The only information that’s required is an email address and subscribers can change their subscription details or cancel the service at any time. You may also provide your cell phone number (and provider) if you would like to receive emergency notices by text message.

Sign Up For Email/Text Alerts
To sign up, click the icon above, enter your email address (click 'save'), then you'll see a screen to re-enter it (to confirm). You may set 'preferences' on this page as well (not required), or simply scroll to the bottom and click 'save.' If you'd like us to send you text messages as well as email, on the 'preferences' page enter your cell number and indicate the provider. Check the subscription you'd like to receive on the next screen and then 'save.'

For more information, contact (248) 684-1515 or