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Street Maintenance

2024 Road Paving Project - South Main Street
During the 2024 construction season, the Village has planned a project on South Main Street between E. Huron St. and Shelley Drive to mill and overlay the road surface. The project is tentatively scheduled for a mid-June start date. Notices will be distributed to adjacent residents prior to the start of construction.

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A virtual resident information meeting was held on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. to provide a general overview of the project and offer an opportunity for residents to ask questions about the project. The meeting may be viewed below and a copy of the slides may be viewed here.


The Department of Public Services is responsible for ongoing street and road maintenance and repairs of the Village's 24.6 miles of roadways. This includes snow removal, pothole repairs, sweeping, and more.

Project Selection
Infrastructure projects are selected based upon a number of factors. In general, project selection is based upon the following prioritization :

  1. Projects which address infrastructure systems at risk for short-term failure or which pose a potential health or safety risk to the public in not addressed in the short-term
  2. Projects which combine improvements to multiple infrastructure systems (i.e. roads, sidewalks, water, sewer, stormwater, etc.)
  3. Projects which address a single infrastructure system, with priority based upon the impact of the proposed project (i.e. major or higher traffic count roads would be higher priorities than dead-ends or culs-de-sac.)
Other factors include the availability of state or federal grants and opportunities to partner with other agencies in order to take advantage of cost savings. Projects receiving grant funds may be moved forward or back based upon the timing of funding and in order to stretch local dollars further.

Road Millage Projects
Milford Completed Road Projects (as of December 2022)In 2012, voters in the Village approved a 20-year dedicated millage for road repairs and maintenance with a levy of 3.5 mills for the first 10 years and a levy of 1.0 mill for the final 10 years. The levy began with the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

In 2018, voters approved changes to the road millage to lower the millage amount to 2.9000 mills, but to extend the full millage through 2032. At the time, this change was estimated to generate an additional $4.3 million for local road projects over the full term. The revised millage allowed the Village to issue $2.5 million in bonds in 2019, which allowed for the paving of Peters Rd. and other projects in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

In fiscal year 2023-2024, the road millage rate will be 2.7260 mills and is expected to generate $850,000 in revenues. Approximately $300,000 of that amount will be applied to paying the principal and interest on the 2019 road bonds.

Projects completed to date using funds from the Road Millage include the following:

  • Annually spending $25,000-50,000+ for preventative maintenance (crack-sealing, spot replacements of asphalt & concrete, etc.)
  • 2013 – Canal (Crystal to First), Fairview Hills Subdivision 
  • 2014 – Knight, Duke, Friar 
  • 2015 – Canal (Main – First) & Huron Bridge 
  • 2016 – Commerce Rd. between Main St. and Summit St. (partially funded with Federal Road Funds)
  • 2018 – Heritage Hills/Winding Way 
  • 2019 - resurfacing of S. Milford Rd. from Village limits to General Motors Rd. (partially funded with Federal Road Funds); Preservation Overlay Project on N. Milford Rd.  from Concrete Dr. to Village limits (partnership with Road Commission for Oakalnd County); resurfacing of Hickory St. between Commerce and George; resurfacing of N. Main St. between Summit and George; resurfacing of E. Commerce between Friar and the Village limits; asphalt and concrete repairs; and crack-sealing throughout the Village
  • 2020 - Paving of Peters Rd. from just north of the bridge to Commerce Rd.
  • 2021 - E. Huron St., Water, & Stormwater repairs & replacement; asphalt and concrete repairs; Preservation Overlay Project on W. Commerce Rd. between Oak St. and the Village limits (partnership with the Road Commission for Oakland County); and crack-sealing throughout the Village
  • 2022 - Completion of E. Huron St. road project; Mill & overlay and preservation overlay projects in the Milford Bluffs & Milford Heights neighborhoods; repair of culvert and pedestrian access improvements and realignment/repaving of Commerce Rd. near the railroad bridge.
  • 2023 - Summit St. between First & Union; Union St. between Detroit & Summit; Road resurfacing, water main replacement, and installation of new stormwater management. Additional spot repairs to concrete and asphalt roads throughout the Village.
  • 2024 - mill & overlay S. Main Street between E. Huron and Shelley Drive
  • 2025 (PLANNED) - drainage improvements & road replacement of W. Huron between General Motors Rd. and Peters Rd. Bridge; mill & overlay of E. Washington and portions of Oakland St.
View a map of projects completed through 2022.

Report a Pothole
To report a pothole, please complete an online pothole report or call (248) 685-3055, with a detailed description of the location (nearest intersection, which lane, etc.) and your contact information. Reported potholes will generally be repaired within 48-72 hours.