2023 Snow Plow Naming Contest

School Naming Contest - Copy

Nine DPS Snow Plows were named by the community for the 2023-2024 winter season. The winning names and their Snow Plow Trucks can be found below and on Village Streets throughout the winter!

          Frozen Fury - Copy (2)                   Big Dump - Copy
        Frozen Fury (named by students at Kurtz)                 Big Dump (named by students at Kurtz)      
          Snow Day - Copy                   Jimmy Neutron - Copy
          Snow Day (named by students at Muir)             Jimmy Neutron (named by students at Muir)

           Snowbegone                   Plowy McPlowface - Copy            
                        Snowbegone Kenobi                                                       Plowy McPlowface

           Steve Icerman - Copy                  Gordie Plow - Copy
                                  Steve Icerman                                                                       Gordie Plow

Big Leplowski - Copy (2)
                                                                         The Big Leplowski

All 1 - CopyAll 2 - Copy