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Residential Property Rentals

On August 18, 2014 the Village of Milford adopted the Residential Rental Ordinance.  The creation and adoption of the ordinance requires that all residential rental properties, with few exceptions, register with the Village.  Once registered, an inspection will be required to be scheduled by the owner or manager of the rental property.  Once inspection is completed, any violations that are written up, if any, will be required to be repaired with reasonable time given for the correction.  Another inspection must then take place to assure compliance.  Once all violations are abated the rental property will be given a Certificate of Compliance and the renting of the property may then continue.

Due to the large number of rental properties in the Village the inspections will take place biennially (every other year) per Sec. 22-101.  Rental properties north of Commerce Road will be required to have inspections take place in odd years,  while those rental properties south of Commerce Road will be required to have their inspections take place in even years.  Regardless of which year the inspection takes place, all rental properties will be required to register by March 31 of each year.  Registration will then be required each year after that date. 

Until an inspection actually takes place as required a temporary Certificate of Compliance will be assumed held for each property unless violations remain after inspection or the application for registration is ultimately denied per Sec. 22-105 and Sec. 22-112, C.  Any party that has their Certificate of Compliance revoked may take their case to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Forms and information related to the residential property rental program are available for downloading below. Questions may be directed to the Building Official at (248) 684-1515.

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Application form for those with 2 or fewer units.
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