Street Maintenance

The Department of Public Services is responsible for ongoing street and road maintenance and repairs of the Village's 24.6 miles of roadways. This includes snow removal, pothole repairs, sweeping, and more.

Residential Traffic Calming Pilot Project
In the spring of 2018, Village Council approved a recommendation by staff to implement a pilot project aimed at reducing the speed of traffic in residential areas. The learn more about this pilot project, or to complete the resident survey, please visit the Residential Traffic Calming Pilot Project information page.

Report a Pothole
To report a pothole, please complete an online pothole report
or call (248) 685-3055, with a detailed description of the location (nearest intersection, which lane, etc.) and your contact information. Reported potholes will generally be repaired within 48-72 hours.

Road Millage Projects
In 2012, voters in the Village approved a 20-year dedicated millage for road repairs and maintenance with a levy of 3.5 mills for the first 10 years and a levy of 1.0 mill for the final 10 years. The levy began with the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Due to rollbacks in the millage rate as required by the Headlee Amendment, the current road millage levy is 3.3065 mills for fiscal year 2017-2018.

Projects completed with funds from the Road Millage include the following:

  • 2013 - Resurfacing on Canal Street between Crystal & First St.; crack-sealing throughout the Village
  • 2014 - Asphalt/concrete resurfacing & replacement of Sweetbriar, Panorama Dr., & Birdsong Dr.; crack-sealing throughout the Village
  • 2015 - Resurfacing of Canal St. (between First St. & Main St.), Knight St., & Duke St.; crack-sealing throughout the Village
  • 2016 - Reconstruction of Commerce Rd. between Friar and Main St.(partially funded with Federal Road Funds); crack-sealing throughout the Village
  • 2017 - Spot repairs of concrete and asphalt throughout the Village; replacement of concrete on Manordale Ct.; crack-sealing throughout the Village
  • 2018 -  resurfacing of Winding Way, Deep Valley Dr., and Tennyson, including associated courts (starting April 23, 2018), spot repairs of concrete and asphalt throughout the Village (ongoing); crack-sealing throughout the Village
  • 2019 (Planned) - resurfacing of S. Milford Rd. from Village limits to General Motors Rd. (partially funded with Federal Road Funds)