MPD Transparency and Crime Reporting

The Milford Police Department works hard to keep both the Village and Township safe. Below are ways that you can stay updated on the crime in the area and report crime yourself:

Transparency Dashboard
The Transparency Dashboard provides residents with an interactive community based report that provides in depth details regarding the calls the MPD goes on and any charges filed. This data can be broken down by a number of different demographic information and timeframe.

Online Crime Reporting
Online Crime Reporting through the Clemis system allows residents to report certain crimes directly to the MPD. Crimes that can be reported through Clemis include:

  1. Harassing phone calls/No known suspects.
  2. Identity Theft/ No known suspects.
  3. Larceny/Theft/ No Known Suspects.
  4. Private property traffic crash/ Parked unattended, returned to find had been struck.
  5. Accidental/Non Intentional Property Damage
  6. Threats.
  7. Suspicious Situation.
  8. Barking / Nuisance Dog.
  9. Child Custody Violation.
  10. Lost Property.
  11. Damaged Property / Vandalism.
  12. Car/Animal Crash
Crime Mapping
The CLEMIS Public Crime Search provides information on where exactly crimes have taken place, what the crime was, and when it occurred. This map is continuously updated to provide current crime information for residents. Additionally, residents can create alerts to be notified of crimes within a specified area.