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Top out salary for a full-time police officer is $85,982 with competitive salary increases for starting salaries. Lateral candidate starting pay will be determined based on experience and/or years of service. Full time employees are eligible for a comprehensive benefits package including insurance, paid leave, a hybrid pension plan, & more.  Hours follow the Pitman Schedule with 12 hour shift rotation. 

Hiring Process

Step 1: Submit Application
A resume, cover letter, and Village application are submitted online or to the Village Clerk at Village Clerk, Village of Milford, 1100 Atlantic St, Milford, MI 48381. Once received, materials will be reviewed based on qualifications and qualified candidates will be contacted to move forward in the hiring process.

Step 2: First Oral Board
The first oral board consists of a panel interview where the candidate will be asked a series of preset questions from three people on the hiring team. The same preset questions will be asked to all candidates.

Step 3: Full Background Packet
After the first oral board, candidates moving forward in the process will be given an extensive background packet to fill out. Candidates are given 1-2 weeks to complete the packet.

Step 4: Second Oral Board
The second oral board will also be a panel interview, however, two of the interviewers will be different. Instead of preset questions, the second oral board will encompass questions that arose while reviewing the background packet he candidate submitted.

Step 5: Background Investigation
After the candidate has submitted all of the application and background materials as well as successfully advanced through the oral boards, the MPD will conduct a thorough background investigation.

Step 6: Conditional Offer
Based on qualifications of the candidate and the results of the background investigations, successful candidates will be given an offer conditional on passing the pysch and medical exam.

Step 7: Psych and Medical Exam
The final step in the hiring process is to complete both a psych and medical evaluation. 

Total length of hiring process: Approximately 4 weeks

Why MPD? 

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Working for the Milford Police Department means working in a diverse community and environment. The MPD covers 36 square miles of suburban neighborhoods, rural back roads with scenic views, and a vibrant downtown. MPD works with the community to coordinate various community events and partners in many volunteer programs. Working for the Milford Police Department makes you both part of the MPD family, and Milford family.

What MPD officers say about working for the Department:

badge"The department stays on the cutting edge of technology and equipment."
"Officers have the ability to become well rounded, engaging in all types of investigations."
"Village provides excellent benefits to the officers."  
"Very supportive culture and values within the police department."
"Very supportive community."

If you are ready to join the Milford Police Department, please apply here.