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Water & Sewer Billing Credit Form

Water & Sewer Billing Credit Form
Village Logo - Full ColorThe Village offers a sewer credit program. Residents are asked to fill out the form below to request the credit. The Watering Credit Form must be filled out every year a credit is requested.

The Village compares the actual summer usage to the average winter usage for the account, and approves a credit on the sewer charges on a percentage of the additional use. While the Village cannot guarantee that the credit request will be processed before the due date of the bill, if the form is submitted no later than September 1 of each year, the credit is usually approved or denied by the billing due date.

Billing Address (if different):
City or Town:
State or Province:
Zip or Postal Code:
Length of time at this address
Number of occupants
Water used during months of
Additional Information
*You are responsible for paying current bill by the due date as it may not be possible to process your request before the bill is due.