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Water & Sewer Billing FAQs

How much will my bill be?
The amount of your bill depends on how much water you use. The Village reads your meter and calculates bills every three months (quarterly). For residents who have water and sewer there are 4 base fees which are determined by meter size. Water base is $27.25 per quarter,  Water Meter Debt base is $11.50 per quarter, Sewer Base is $25.00 per quarter and the SRF fee is $50.00 per quarter.  In addition, for each 1,000 gallons of water used, you pay $3.00 for Water Use, $7.45 for Sewer Use, $0.60 for Water Bond, and $0.25 for Sewer Bond, for a total of $11.30 per 1,000 gallons. A family of four that uses 20,000 gallons a quarter can expect to pay $334.75.

Why is there a balance forward on my bill when I just moved in?
The bill should have been paid in full at your closing. If there is a balance forward on your bill, you need to check with the real estate, title company, or attorney that handled your closing to see why this has not been paid.

My water bill is much higher than usual, Why?
You are billed based on the amount of water you use.  If you have filled a swimming pool, watered the lawn, or otherwise used water outdoors, your bill will be higher because you've used more water. 

If this isn't the case, the first thing you should do is check for a leak. Sometimes the leak isn’t obvious, but there are a couple of quick ways to check. Turn off all the water in the house, then take a look at your water meter. Some meters have a built-in leak indicator, which looks like a red triangle. If the indicator is moving, you have a leak. If your meter doesn’t have a leak indicator, write down the numbers on the face of the meter. Don’t use any water for a couple of hours, then read your meter again. If the numbers have changed, you have a leak.
The most common cause of a leak is a running toilet. You can check your toilets by putting a few drops of food coloring in the tank. After about 20 minutes, look in the bowl. If there is food coloring in the bowl, you’ve found the problem. It’s not uncommon to lose 20-100 gallons a day ($60 to $120 a quarter) from one of these otherwise invisible leaks. Sometimes it’s not a consistent leak – do you ever have to “jiggle the handle” to get the toilet to stop running?
Another cause of extra water use that is not too noticeable is a malfunctioning water softener. Check to see how often it should recycle; also, you may notice a difference in the amount of salt you are using.

Check every faucet in your home for leaks. Just a slow drip can waste 15 to 20 gallons a day ($9 to $12 a quarter). A stream of water 1/8” in diameter can result in the loss of almost 300,000 gallons ($2,000) a quarter.
Can I get a break on my bill for watering my lawn or filling a pool?
If you use a lot of water outside, (and DO NOT have a separate irrigation meter) you may apply for a credit on the sewer portion of the bill. You must pay for the water you used, but because this water did not go into the sewer system, the Village does allow a reduction in the sewer treatment charges. To apply for a credit, you need to fill out a Watering Credit Form and provide some basic information. You need to apply for this credit each year. THE VILLAGE CANNOT GUARANTEE THE CREDIT WILL BE PROCESSED BEFORE THE DUE DATE ON THE BILL. Credits are typically processed in September, October, November, and December, and while we make every effort to have the credit calculated before your bill is due, we can’t guarantee it. However, if you turn in your form by September 1, that usually gives us enough time to process your request before the bill is due.
Because we have to actually calculate the bills before we can post the information to your account history, you will always receive the bill before you receive the credit. Each credit is calculated individually, based on your average winter use as compared to your summer use. A letter is then mailed to each applicant advising them of the amount of the credit. If there is a bill due, the credit can be subtracted from the balance due; if no bill is due at that time, the credit will be subtracted automatically from the next bill.

Does the Village offer Direct Payment?
Yes.  You can have your water bill automatically deducted from your checking or savings account and there is no fee for this service.  All you need to do is complete the Direct Payment Form and the program will start with your next bill.