Crime Victim Resources

Milford Police Logo Final RGBCall the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) for assistance finding local resource contact information. 

Being the victim of a crime is often a difficult experience resulting in many complex issues and emotions. If you or a loved one are the victim of a crime, you need to know that you are not alone and there are many resources available to help you. While Michigan’s Crime Victim Rights page provides more comprehensive information on victims rights, statewide resources, and the legal process, victims can also access this list of local resources compiled by Oakland County.  Additionally, the following resources may be especially useful to victims.

VINELink is a website that places power back in the hands of victims by providing a victim notification network. This network provides victims with timely and reliable information regarding criminal cases or offenders serving time in jail or prisons within the U.S.. Through VINELink, victims are able to receive notifications through text, phone call, email, or online. 

Haven is a comprehensive program for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Oakland County. Victims are provided with counseling, shelter, advocacy, and educational resources according to their needs.

Identity Theft 
The Federal Trade Commission provides important resources for victims of identity theft by providing a reporting mechanism, helping victims create a recovery plan, and putting the recovery plan into action. Additionally, victims of identity theft can empower themselves and protect their information by reviewing identity theft prevention tips

Personal Protection Order (PPO)
In some cases, crime victims may seek to obtain a PPO. Personal Protection Orders are issued by the Circuit Court and may protect the petitioner from being hit, threatened, harassed, or stalked by another person. The PPO can prevent the other person from being able to buy a firearm, finding your address through school records, and taking your minor children unless required by the court. A PPO may also stop someone from approaching you at your work or coming into your home. It is important to understand that the Milford Police can only take action if they witness a violation of a PPO, otherwise, they may only be able to take down your statement and make a written report. 

How to File a Personal Protection Order
Step 1: Complete PPO Petition and Proposed Order by using Michigan Legal Help.
               -OR fill out the petition/form that is appropriate for your situation, under State Court Administrative                   Office (SCAO) forms.
                -Note: Michigan Legal Help may not be compatible with MAC computers
Step 2: Complete Verified Statement.
Step 3: Complete Parenting Time Worksheet (if you have children in common with Respondent).
Step 4: Send ALL DOCUMENTS in Step 1-3 to

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