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Ordinance Enforcement

The Ordinance Enforcement Bureau was originally established to enforce parking meter violations and to collect the revenues and fines that were generated. Presently, the bureau, under the supervision of the Village Clerk, is staffed by Ordinance Officer Dennis Finkbeiner

In 1988, the duties of the Ordinance Enforcement Officers were expanded to include enforcement of all ordinances of the Village of Milford including barking dogs, weeds, garage sales, sidewalks, nuisances and junk vehicles, etc. The Ordinance Enforcement Officers enforce all other parking violations within the village limits, including:

· Fire Lane Violations
· Handicapped Parking Violations
· Other Prohibited Parking

Delivery of municipal packets for the Village Council members, Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals is also handled by the Ordinance Enforcement Officers. The officers represents the Village at the 52nd District Court in adjudicating ordinance and parking violations.

You can reach Ordinance Enforcement by calling (248) 684-1515 or email Dennis Finkbeiner at