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Clearzoning (Zoning Ordinance)

IClearzoning Example Pagen early 2021, Village Council authorized the Village's Planning Consultants at Giffels Webster to begin work on reformatting the Village Zoning Ordinance to the Clearzoning format. This format provides better quality illustrations of regulations in an interactive and easier to read format.

The Clearzoning zoning ordinance can be viewed here.

Village of Milford Zoning Ordinance
Effective: January 13, 2022

The Clearzoning zoning ordinance is an interactive, user-friendly, understandable document with color graphics, links to key information, and searchable works and terms to quickly access important zoning information.

Interactive Zoning Map
The Clearzoning zoning ordinance includes a link to an interactive zoning map. This map links parcel data directly to the corresponding zoning district requirements in the zoning ordinance. The map also has a search feature to enable look-up of zoning information by parcel ID or address.

Printable Zoning Map
Effective: January 13, 2022 (last rezoning March 26, 2018)

A printable copy of the Zoning map can be accessed here.