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Parcel Division Board

The Parcel Division Board is a three person board that provides preliminary approval for parcel divisions. Members of the board include the zoning administrator and representatives from both the planning commission and the zoning board of appeals.

All information submitted for a proposed land division shall be reviewed by the Parcel Division Board. The board shall consult with the building inspector, the planning consultant, the department of public services and the engineering consultant to receive their recommendations, if necessary. The board shall receive and review all applications for land divisions as submitted pursuant to this article, and shall act thereon as provided in this article. The board shall grant preliminary approval if the proposed division:

(1) Meets or exceeds the requirements of this article and of the zoning ordinance as to parcel size and dimensions;

(2) Is in compliance with the Subdivision Control Act (Act No. 288 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1967 (MCL 560.101 et seq.), as amended, if applicable; and

(3) If any private road meets or exceeds the requirement provided in the private road ordinance, as set out in chapter 58, article II, of this Code; however, nothing contained herein shall require the parcel division board to review and approve the engineering, design or construction standards for such private road.

The board may deny or grant preliminary approval for the proposed land division, or it may table action upon the request therefor pending receipt of additional information as specified in this article. Any such action shall be by a simple majority of all members of the board

Parcel Division Board Members:
Dan Hawley
John Heidt
Randy Sapelak