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Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Development Authority members are appointed by Council and are encouraged to be business property owners in the downtown development district. DDA meets the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 a.m. The Board is made up of not less than eight nor more than twelve members, including the Village Council President, as determined by the governing body of the municipality. Not less than a majority of the members shall be persons having an interest in property located in the downtown district. Each member shall serve a term of four years. All public meetings shall be governed by the Michigan Open Meetings Act (P.A. #267).

Function: Plan, propose, and implement public improvements; encourage economic development; support renovation, rehabilitation, restoration and preservation efforts; act as liaison/advocate to small and large business owners in the District; and preserve the unique character/ambiance of the traditional downtown area. Board members are encouraged to be involved in fund-raising, public relations and public improvement projects.

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Downtown Development Authority Members 
Jerry Aubry, Village Council President
Dale Feigley, Chairman
Trevor Salaski, Vice-Chairman
Jeff Heyn
Eric Horsley
Jennifer Kahl
Richard Lippitt
Tom Niebauer
Andrea Perry
Chris Roy
Toni Vulaj
Marc Weinbaum
Ann Barnette, Downtown Development Authority Executive Director

Public Act 57 Compliance
Pursuant to the requirements of Michigan Public Act 57 of 2018, certain documents and records of the Milford Downtown Development Authority (DDA) are available for review on the DDA website.